My Partner

Meet my doula partner, Ely who is located in Hammond. She offers birth services in Hammond as well as the surrounding areas. She is a sweet, caring, and passionate doula who who will be there for you if I ever cannot. 

"I am a wife and devoted Christian and I love serving others. I especially enjoy serving expecting women and families during this transition of life. I have absolute faith in a woman's body to instinctively know how to birth her baby and I bring that confidence to each birth. My practice includes protecting the intimate space of the laboring woman by helping to create a safe laboring environment and thus allowing her to focus on her body. I provide evidence-based informational support and affirmations so they feel empowered to be their own advocates in labor. With a bachelor's degree in biology, I am fascinated by how the female body functions optimally during pregnancy and childbirth. And I'm always full of wellness tips for helping the body to function to it's full potential. One of those ways is through essential oils and I use these to compliment labor if my clients choose to. I would love to support you however you choose to labor because each birth is unique! I contribute a powerful trust and non-judgmental support to my clients as I join their birth team. Contact me for a free consultation!"